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Privacy Policy


The GDPR states that you have the right to remove any data we have on you that identifies you as an individual. As a business that deals with commercial and private individuals we store personal details of our clients and potential customers that make contact with us. Under the GDPR you have a right to know what data we hold on you, how we use it and can request we change or delete it. We also reserve the right to hold some transaction data for taxation and legal purposes.

Your personal information

As with most websites we track data from your computer such as your IP address and pages you visit on this website and the browser you are using. In addition any forms you fill in on our website will be stored potentially combined with other data you provide. We use this data to:

Minimise security threats by track requests and login attempts and blocking IP addresses if required.

Understand how are website is being used

Improve the user experience

Improve our marketing efforts

Data Sharing

A limited amount of your data is shared with a 3rd party to allow us to perform the following:

Analytics – Like many websites we use Google Analytics to track visitors to this website. If you do not consent to data being used by these 3rd parties then we suggest you disable all cookies in your browser settings. This may however cause functionality on some website to not work correctly. Our website maintenance company have access to our analytical data to allow them to produce reports for us to understand how our website is being used.

Legal requirements – We may be required by law to hand over certain data to authorities in order to comply with any legal proceeding.


We take security very seriously which is why we have several industry accepted standards to protect our data as well clients data. We use SSL encrpytion to encrypt any data transmission to and from this website and use Wordfence and ManageWP to monitor this website for any cyber threats and take action accordingly. However any transmission of data over the internet can never be 100% secure. The security of this website is managed by Virtex Digital who monitor website traffic and block potential cyber criminal threats.


If you wish to update, change or remove the data we have on you then please email us at .Likewise if we make any changes to this document and you are a client of PTA then we will notify you via email.

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