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Party Wall Agreements

“With timely input they need not be a stumbling blockā€


Building work subject to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 primarily includes:-

  • Work directly affecting a party wall
  • Erecting a wall of a building adjacent a boundary
  • Excavations adjacent adjoining property

As a starting point, any building work within six metres of a neighbouring property may be subject to the Act and ought to be assessed.

It is important that the proposed works are properly assessed at design stage and proper notices required by the Act are served in good time and, where required, an award is put in place in order to enable work to proceed on schedule and to safeguard the rights of both parties. This will avoid potentially expensive delays to the building project through dispute or court injunction.

Peter provides party wall advice and acts both for building owners (the party carrying out the building work) and adjoining property owners on a regular basis. He is very experienced in this specialist area and is happy to provide initial advice free of charge and works at very competitive rates following appointment.

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