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Construction Monitoring

“Ensure that you are getting the quality that you are paying for”

We offer this service to our clients to ensure that they achieve a properly completed project to the standard expected. Monitoring of construction work on site is vital to ensure compliance with design and specifications and to avoid sub standard materials and workmanship.

Project Monitoring

This higher level project evaluation and report service is available primarily to funding organisations, though other clients may also find it to be beneficial.

Prior to commencement of construction work we can advise regarding the project scope, timescales, budget costs, cash flow forecast, consents required, and risk items.

Following commencement of construction work our reports will be expanded to include progress against programme , expenditure against cash flow forecast and valuations of work completed on site so that draw down of funds can be authorised. Progress regarding obtaining consents and discharge of planning conditions are also tracked.

This service is provided completely independently of the rest of the project team and therefore offers objective advice and a valuable “sanity check”.

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